Curecork International Launches the CureCork(TM), A Breakthrough, Intelligent Curing Solution for Commercial and Individual Growers, Retailers, and Home Use

CureCork automates the curing process, eliminating dangerous mold build-up and over-drying
during curing and storage, ensuring an optimal product every time

July 27, 2017 – Curecork International, LLC today introduced a new and breakthrough solution for the curing
and storage of herbs and spices. The CureCork(TM) automated curing solution is the first product designed for
commercial and individual growers, retailers and home use, that automates the curing process. It can be used in
any size container from 32oz. Mason jars to 5 gal buckets and beyond. The CureCork fills a critical need in the
production and storage of fine herbs and spices, automating what is now a manual process, while eliminating
the possibility of dangerous mold build-up and over drying.

CureCork is a revolutionary way to cure and store herbs and spices. For herbs and spices to cure properly and
develop optimal aroma, flavor and character, its critical that they are maintained at proper humidity and
temperature levels. This means keeping them in a sealed container, while letting them “breathe” at regular
intervals to release excess humidity. This process is called “burping” and is an important step in the curing
process. When done incorrectly, dangerous mold can build up destroying the product and putting consumers at
risk to serious illness or worse. When exposed to too much air, low humidity, or high temperatures the product
can prematurely dry out losing its character. CureCork automatically produces the optimal curing and storage
environment, allowing herbs and spices to achieve and maintain their best aroma, flavor and character.

“Being a grower myself I saw the need for a product that eliminated the need to manually burp my containers
during the curing process and would ensure a perfect cure every time. That’s what led me to invent the
CureCork”, said Andre Walker, inventor of the CureCork “What’s great about the CureCork is that it fully
automates the curing process, so I never have to babysit my product, hoping that I pick the right time and
duration to burp my containers. It’s also an idea solution for storage containers as well. I know this is a product
that both commercial and individual growers as well as retailers and consumers will find extremely useful.”

CureCork can be programmed to breath on programmable time intervals and humidity level, it also monitors
temperature. It operates from an AC adapter and can be used in virtually any size curing or storage container.
Whether curing or storing, CureCork is the one solution that keeps herbs and spices at their optimal condition.
The CureCork is priced at $279.00 and is available on-line at as well as through a growing
number of distributors.

About Curecork International, LLC

Curecork International is a developer and marketer of solutions for the agriculture industry focused on bringing
high value solutions to market that automate existing processes, reduce cost and ensure optimal products get
delivered to the consumer.
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